Digital solutions help in solving legal challenges during the pandemic

Digital notary and electronic transfer licenses prevent processes from stuck.

The article written by our founding partner, Izabela Rücker Curi Bertoncello, was published on various national portals, including Migalhas.

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic state, the world had to reinvent its challenges. Digital has never been so important, regardless of the area of ​​action. Even with some sectors closed, such as commerce, gyms and schools, and home office workers, some activities such as the legal sector cannot stop, and that is essential.

The world has already changed. We will not be the same after this period of social isolation. Neither the services and processes will not be. Perhaps, this is the opportunity to rethink some Judiciary bureaucracies that reflect on our actions and how digital solutions can help us, even more, from now on.

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