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Rücker Curi Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica

Our search for innovation and primacy are constant. For this reason, we are committed not only to deliver the best legal solutions to our clients but also to collaborate for the construction of a legal scenario of excellence and integrated with the social responsibilities inherent to our activity.

Our founding partner, Izabela Rücker Curi Bertoncello, is part of two important groups: Espaço Mulheres Executivas (MEX Brazil) and Grupo Mulheres do Brasil. In 2019, she was recognized as one of Brazil’s most admired lawyers in the Análise Advocacia 500 yearbook. The same year, we became Platinum supporters of Intelijur and allies of important legal portals, such as Conjur and Migalhas. In addition to that, we partner with important institutions that have social responsibility as a pillar: Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa (IBGC), Associação Brasileira de Lawtechs y Legaltechs (AB2L), Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Previdenciário (IBDP), International Insurance Law Association/Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA), Instituto dos Advogados do Paraná (IAP) and Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados (CESA). We are also involved in projects such as the construction of a legal room for the Rosa Klass Institute.

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The professionals at the Rücker Curi Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica have solid training and experience. We are organized according to the corporate management model and the content to be applied. We have a high level of specialization and more than 80 professionals.

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